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Fresh hope for Emneth youngster Reggie

Reggie Brinton with his new portable pump to help rare condition bought with money raised in fundraising appeal.
Reggie Brinton with his new portable pump to help rare condition bought with money raised in fundraising appeal.

A baby from Emneth with a rare skin condition has been given new hope thanks to the purchase of a portable pump from the USA.

Reggie Brinton, who is coming up for 18 months old, suffers from the congenital condition Ichthyosis, which creates itchy and painful skin that sheds every 12 hours.

His mum Leia, from Emneth, launched an appeal last year to buy a special bath to make her son’s life easier.

Thanks to the generosity of people across West Norfolk and Fenland, the family have been able to buy a new portable nano bubble pump to help Reggie with his condition.

Miss Brinton said: “We’ve purchased the new pump with the money raised through the fundraising appeal.

“We got close to a family in America whose daughter had Harlequin Ichyhysis and they invented the pump.

“By the time we’d bought it and got it shipped over here, it cost in the region of £6,500.”

The pump already appears to have made a huge difference to Reggie’s life.

“It releases special micro nano bubbles and does exactly the same thing as the microsilk bath which we were looking to buy,” explained Miss Brinton.

“The microbubbles should also reduce the chances of Reggie picking up an infection, as well as loosening fixed scales.

“I haven’t been able to use it in my bathroom at home purely because of where my bath is situated.

“But I’ve already used it a few times at my mum’s and it has definitely helped. He has already had some good night’s sleep.

“It should make him feel a lot more comfortable and make his life a lot easier.

“We’ve just got to encourage him to try to stay in the bath longer because it will also be more beneficial for him.

“After that, the next challenge will be to try to get it in my bathroom at home.”

Miss Brinton no longer has to keep Reggie moisturised every two to three hours throughout the night.

“We were advised by the dermatologist not to do that just so he gets in a routine and into a regular sleep pattern,” said Miss Brinton.

“We give him a thick coating of cream before he goes to sleep and again in the morning.”

Miss Brinton thanked everyone for their support.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has donated and who has helped in the many fundraising appeals we have done. People have been brilliant and so supportive,” said Miss Brinton.

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