Fundraiser to say a big thank you

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A MARCH man recovering after a second brain tumour operation is planning a fundraiser for two causes close to his heart.

To say thank you for the help he has received, Shaun Saunders (27) will be hosting a coffee morning at the Rose and Crown in March to raise money for Headway Cambridgeshire and Brain Tumour UK.

Just over three weeks ago, Shaun underwent major brain surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge to remove an aggressive non-cancerous tumour. He is now recuperating at home prior to starting six weeks of radiotherapy on August 13.

He said: “It’s a scary fact that only three out of ten people survive past the first year after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and I’ve gone through it twice before the age of 30.”

But builder Shaun feels lucky that his tumour was caught so early. He underwent a scan in February 2010 after suffering an epileptic fit in his sleep that picked up the tumour and it was operated on in March 2010.

It was a blow to discover in April that the tumour had returned and was more aggressive than before. Although they believe the operation got all the tumour out, Shaun has to go through the radiotherapy as a precaution.

“There will be side effects from the radiotherapy as it damages the good cells around the area,” he said. “They didn’t do it before because you can only have it once. But they want to make sure there aren’t any microscopic tumour cells left.”

Shaun has been left with some residual effects from the surgery, with weakness on his left side. He also gets confused sometimes. He will be attending the March Headway group, which is a support network for people with head and brain injuries.

Luckily mum Deborah is on hand to look after her son and has been an invaluable help to Shaun during his recovery.

The fundraiser will be held on Saturday, September 1, from 11am to 1pm. Anyone wishing to donate raffle prizes can take them into the Rose and Crown in March.