Fundraising tattoo

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A TYDD St Giles woman is going to be ticking one thing off her “bucket list” by having a tattoo and is using it as an opportunity to raise cash for charity at the same time.

Pam Thompson (57) is a passionate supporter of Greenpeace and is planning to have a permanent memorial to the Rainbow Warrior ship inked onto her upper arm on August 28 at Tattoo Crazy in March.

The Rainbow Warrior was bombed and sunk by French agents in Auckland harbour on 10 July, 1985, killing a Greenpeace photographer.

Pam is going to have the date tattooed on her arm, along with ‘Remember the Rainbow Warrior’ and a picture of the ship sinking.

She is hoping to raise £1,000 for Greenpeace by having the tattoo. Anyone wishing to sponsor Pam can come into the Citizen office at 11 Union Street, Wisbech. You can also donate online at