Georges must monitor music levels

Latest News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Latest News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

A March pub accused of being a public nuisance will not have to employ trained door staff but will have to carefully monitor and record noise levels when it stages live music events.

Staff will have to stand on the pavement opposite Georges pub in High Street at the start of entertainment and at hourly intervals throughout the event to ensure noise levels don’t impact on nearby residents, particularly those living at Bevill’s Place.

Fenland’s Licensing Panel ha ddeferred a decision on whether or not Georges should employ door staff after a licencing review hearing last week.

But decided last night (Monday) there was sufficient evidence against the pub for the review to be undertaken.

The panel chaired by Councillor Kay Mayor also dismissed representations made on behalf of landlord Nigel Marsh that the grounds for the review were repetitious bearing in mind a previous hearing in October to determine an extension to the licence.

Mrs Mayor said the Panel had carefully considered the legal points raised by Matthew Paul, Mr Marsh’s legal representative and decided it did have jurisdiction to hear the review.

They also found there was sufficient evidence of the licence to be reviewed on the licensing objectives:

Public Nuisance, Public Safety and Crime and Disorder.

Oral and written evidence given by Chris and Jamie Wilcox regarding October 7 2013, October 12 2013 and December 13 2013 respectively did indicate incidences of both Crime and Disorder and Public Safety.

She said the panel agreed evidence from residents of Bevill’s Place did show noise levels adversely impacted upon their quality of life and well-being and the nuisance complained about was a public nuisance.

The panel acknowledged the large number of on-line comments and letters in support of Georges, but said they were aware the majority of correspondents did not live near the premise and would not be affected by the level of noise as the residents of Bevill’s Place were.

However, the panel found there was a lack of corroborated evidence to implement the use of SIA door staff as requested by Councillor Kit Owen, who called for the licence review.

The panel did agree modifications were necessary to the main entrance, and that patrons must not use it after 11pm until the pub shuts - except in an emergency.

As a result some conditions were deleted from the current licence and others added.

New conditions included measures to ensure the noise level during live and recorded music entertainment does not adversely affect the amenity of residents living opposite the premises and at Bevills Place.

This means at the start of and then throughout the duration of regulated entertainment at hourly intervals bar staff will have to stand on the pavement opposite Georges outside Bevills Place on the High Street and listen.

If entertainment music noise from Georges is clear and distinct, for example, if lyrics are identifiable, then the volume of the music must be turned down to such an extent that the entertainment music noise is no longer clear and distinct at the same location opposite.

A documented record of the above checks must be kept. The record must include the date and time of the check and the name of the person carrying out the check. It must also state whether the noise from Georges was clearly heard or not and if it was then it must state what corrective action was taken to reduce the noise.

The documented records must be available for inspection by any relevant responsible authority throughout the trading of the premises.