German police visit

PC Dave Stevens with Kevin Kasper, from the German police force.
PC Dave Stevens with Kevin Kasper, from the German police force.

Policing in Fenland has been praised by a German inspector in training.

Kevin Kasper, who is training to be a Polizeikommissar, spent two weeks in Cambridgeshire to see how policing differs in this country.

Kevin found his British policing experience very interesting and has seen a lot of things he would like replicated in his own country.

“What I have seen is very impressive,” he said. “There are a lot of differences between policing in Germany and England. Your CCTV and ANPR [Automation Number Plate Recognition] systems are very interesting. We don’t have those in Germany. It has been worth being here to see those differences. It has been a great experience.”

To become a Polizeikommissar, which is a police inspector, Kevin must obtain his bachelor degree. He had about a year of practical policing experience in Stuttgart, where he is studying, and had the opportunity for a foreign internship as part of his three-year degree.

Kevin spent time in Huntingdon, Cambridge and Peterborough, working with different departments including CID. He was very interested in the CCTV control room in Peterborough.

“We do not have CCTV in Germany. It is not accepted. We have very strict privacy laws,” he said.

He also spent Friday in Wisbech with PC Dave Stevens and went on his first ever foot patrol.

The relationship between the public and the police is very different in Germany. He said people do not trust the police as much as they do here and there is not the community involvement.

He praised the trust between the community and the police and said it was good to get the flow of information from the public.

“The community and police meeting is great. You can communicate and talk about problems. We don’t have that.”