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GET ACTIVE: Simple steps to lockdown fitness

Thinking of getting more active this lockdown but not sure where to start? Starting any new task in life can be daunting. But here are some simple tips to help get started.

Find what works for you Physical activity comes in many forms and everyone has different motivations. Try to find an activity that is enjoyable and suitable.

Scheduling activity time into a routine can be beneficial to keep on track; but be realistic in the amount of time that can be set aside.

Senior woman with a golf club against white background.. (43044011)
Senior woman with a golf club against white background.. (43044011)

Consider the time of day to be active. Not a morning person? Then do not schedule activity first thing as it will feel like a chore. Try a lunchtime or evening activity.

Move more throughout the day

Another way to increase active minutes is to simply move a bit more throughout the day. Why not do some activity whilst the adverts are on, or whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Walking on the spot, doing some simple movements or even dancing can all count.

Find the right level

Ensuring the activity is at the right level for the individual is important. Not only is this important from a safety and injury stance but also it is good for motivation. This includes the activity itself in terms of the movements and exercises involved but also the intensity of the activity.

Start slowly

Starting slowly is important for motivation, enjoyment, and safety. Keep positive and realistic with the expectations of how much activity to do, and which activity is best.

For example, the NHS couch to 5km programme builds up individuals to complete a 5km run over a nine-week period and starts with walking. However, this may be too intense for some; a chair based or lower impact activity may be more suitable.

Be safe

Safety is important. Ensure a warm up and cool down are completed with any activity. It is always recommended to speak to a health professional before commencing any new activity if you have any medical conditions, injuries or if activity could be detrimental to your health.

Think about the safety of the activity area, making sure there are no hazards. Wear lose, comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear (trainers).

If undertaking activity alone ensure others know what, when and where this is happening. Have a phone for emergencies. If doing physical activity outside, ensure to take safety precautions to keep safe.

Self-care and love

Being active as part of a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable, positive, and motivating and not a negative experience.

This includes being realistic with achievements and expectations. Any first step is a positive achievement.

If one day half an hour is achieved and another only 10 minutes then that is okay, that is still 10 minutes more than none, and it all counts.

Try not to be negative towards yourself, be kind! Make sure to schedule rest days into a week, and why not schedule some time in for mindfulness or time to do something you love too?

Check out the Active Fenland Facebook page for details on free online classes during lockdown and for other ways to get active. Alternatively email activefenlandbookings@fenland.gov.uk for information.

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