Getting the best travel value

Black Sea Coast Bulgaria
Black Sea Coast Bulgaria
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The most effective way of getting the best value for money when planning your holiday generally is to book early.

This will enable you to benefit from the early booking offers including low deposits and more importantly free child places.

Naples Beach Florida

Naples Beach Florida

Another method to get the best price for your holiday is to advance register your details with your independent agent, who will contact you once the prices are first released for the upcoming year.

This option is used mostly on long haul booking such as Florida.

On top of all of the above options booking through your local independent agent will also give you extra benefits. Not only will they offer you unbiased advice but they will also have offers for early bookers.

A travel agent will also take you through the various stages of the booking advising you of any visa requirements, insurance cover, car parking, lounge passes and lots more such as day trips, which can be cheaper if booked in advance.

If you can’t book early try to be flexible with your dates, where possible and also your choice of destinations as this will enable give the agent more options when trying to source the best deals for you.

Your agent may suggest incorporating low cost airlines as part of your package to help ensure you get the best price. Low cost airlines enables you to chose your own holiday duration as you are not restricted to a package deal.

You can also decide on whether you want to pay extra for baggage, seat allocation - by cutting these out you can again save money,

And what’s more booking through an agent allows you to relax safe in the knowledge that your booking is secure and protected if something goes wrong.

In many of the Euro-zone destinations the ‘All Inclusive’ option often proves to be the best choice to get value when travelling especially for families as you can give your budget to your agent, and they will find the best option with the budget given.

For those travelling to Turkey or Bulgaria the popular options are self catering or bed and breakfast, which gives you the freedom of choice of where to eat when you are on holiday, as these destinations still offer good value for money when dining out, and of course this is a way of seeing more of the resort you are staying in.

Finally, when you are in a position to book your holiday or even if you are just wanting advice on your proposed holiday, call into your agent to talk over the best options, with the best prices and the knowledge that your booking will be at the best price available and fully protected.