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Go fruit and nuts for these clusters

Fruit and nut clusters
Fruit and nut clusters

If you’re looking for a sweet dish that’s quick and easy to prepare, how about this recipe for fruit and nut clusters?


100g The co-operative Fairtrade white, milk or dark chocolate

50g dried fruit – eg apricots, raisins, cranberries, glacé cherries or mangoes to spread over the top

50g nuts – eg hazelnuts, walnuts and cashew nuts


Break the chocolate into small pieces, put in a heatproof bowl and melt gently over a pan of simmering water. Set aside to cool slightly.

Cut the dried fruit into small pieces and chop the nuts into chunks. Add half of the fruit and nuts to the chocolate and mix together.

Sprinkle the remaining nuts and fruit over the top of the chocolate, but try not to mix this in too much, so that you can still see the fruit.

Line two baking trays with greaseproof and baking paper. Using two teaspoons, dollop little lumps of mixture onto the trays and leave to set.

Sprinkle over the chopped glacé cherries or mango for extra colour.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: No cooking required

Serves: 9 portions

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