Gorefield farmer’s fury over illegal rave

Rave Party at Gorefield near Wisbech Cambs.
Rave Party at Gorefield near Wisbech Cambs.
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A Gorefield farmer has hit out at the police response to an illegal rave on his land over the Bank Holiday weekend.

It is the third time in the last year ravers have targeted the remote storage sheds on Fen Road and the latest event saw an estimated 2,000 people flock to the site.

“The police response has been diabolical,” the landowner, who did not want to be named, said. “It’s just been a shambles.”

He believes the illegal event could have been stopped on Saturday when the police were first alerted. Instead it continued for two days and there were still people at the site on Monday lunchtime.

The road was blocked off by police but people still entered the rave. In one 20-minute time period, it was alleged a total of 60 vehicles came down the road, filled with excited party-goers.

The ravers themselves showed no remorse about their actions, describing the event as “community sounds”.

One of the organisers, Adam Abbotts, who does not live locally, said: “We’re all in it for the music. When you get 500 people coming together, you get really nice vibes.”

There was no violence at the rave and the organisers insisted that would not be tolerated.

“If there’s any trouble, we get together and kick them out,” Beth Rae-Anne (22) from Slough added.

The small group of ravers still at the site on Monday were clearing up the mess left by the hordes of people who turned out from as far afield as South Wales and Portsmouth.

The police were not in sight when the Citizen arrived on Monday morning, although officers had been there earlier in the day. The farmer wanted to know why the people had been allowed to remain on his land without police presence.

Chief Inspector Mike Winters said: “We are investigating a rave at a shed in Fen Road, Newton at just after midnight on Sunday (August 25).

“Officers attended and discovered the event was well established on the site. It was not considered practical for reasons of public safety to break up the rave at that time.

“The situation was monitored throughout the night with about 1000 people attending and people left the site yesterday morning (Monday).

“There was a police presence within the area and officers seized musical equipment which included an amplifier and 15 speakers.

“We were in contact with the owner of the land and local residents throughout the period.

“We are reviewing police footage, working with the council and speaking to witnesses.

“Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.”

The landowner received the first calls about the rave at just after midnight on Saturday. He said when he went down to the field, there were cars “streaming in from all directions”.

Around 150 cars remained at the site on Sunday and the music continued, disturbing villagers for a second night. There were complaints about the noise from Gorefield, Newton and Leverington.

The rave organisers told police on Sunday that they would leave quietly and clear up the mess if they could keep all their equipment, but after police refused to give in to their demands they stayed.

A total of 15 speakers and a deck were eventually confiscated by police. The landowner claims one van full of equipment got around the police cordon and escaped, despite being pursued.

Although the majority of the mess was cleared up and left in bin bags along the side of the road to be collected, some damage was visible to the outside of the farm building, according to the farmer.

A smaller rave was held at the site earlier in the summer, which saw around 300 people turn up. It dispersed after police intervention and four arrests were made for drugs charges.

Illegal raves are one of the priorities of the Cambs Police Rural Crime Team.