Green champions praised

A TEAM of volunteer “Green Champions” is spearheading Fenland District Council’s attempt to save £20,000 a year by promoting good environmental practice among its staff.

Councillor John Clark, FDC’s portfolio holder responsible for quality organisation, says they play a key role in the council’s continuing “Keen to be Green” campaign, which is seeking to make overall savings of £120,000 over the next three years.

Speaking at an event held at Fenland Hall aimed at encouraging more staff to join the champions’ team, he thanked the existing volunteers for their hard work and encouraged more staff to join them.

He said: “Our day-to-day activities have both a financial and an environmental impact. Research shows that 5 per cent of energy used can be saved through simple changes in our behaviour.

“They have a cumulative effect and help to save significant resources at a time when that is one of the biggest challenges facing the council.

“It makes sense that an organisation that seeks to govern how others treat the environment makes sure that it keeps its own house in order.”

Councillor Peter Murphy, FDC’s portfolio holder responsible for the environment, also attended the event. “Hopefully, by demonstrating our own commitment to saving energy costs we can encourage everyone in the community to do their bit, too,” he said.

Ways that staff are cutting the council’s energy costs include shutting down computers when they’re not in use, printing out material only when it’s essential, dressing to suit the weather and minimising fuel use by driving sensibly.