Green light for improvements to A47 Fenland junction

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A £300 million grant to upgrade the A47 – including a key junction in Fenland – is among a raft of roads spending announced by the government this week.

A huge pre-election pledge to improve the trunk road as part of a £15 billion spending plan to upgrade roads across England includes improvements to the A47 at its junction with the A141 at Guyhirn.

But while Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement on Monday has been welcomed by local campaigners, some have described it as a “waste of money”.

The plan to create a larger junction at Guyhirn is one of 15 new road schemes to benefit from the cash injection in the east of England, with the region receiving around £1.5 billion of the total spend.

Councillor Ralph Butcher, Fenland District Council’s Cabinet member responsible for transport, said the cash injection for Fenland was a “a good start”.

He told the Citizen: “The announcement is really good news for the A47 Alliance and for Fenland. It represents a £300 million investment in the A47, which includes improvements to the junction with the A141 at Guyhirn.

“Improved transport infrastructure is vital for business growth and the whole Fenland economy. Although there is still a long way to go, this is a good start.

“We will continue to press hard for more funding for other key improvements, such as the re-opening of the rail link from Wisbech to March.”

But Wisbech resident Mick Howard said spending money at the Guyhirn junction was a “waste of money”.

He claimed the existing roundabout junction would be more than capable of coping with a predicted rise in the number of motorists and said Wisbech could live up to its ‘Capital of the Fens’ name if the government invested around £75 million in his Wisbech by-pass idea instead.

Mr Howard, who was a lorry driver for 46 years, is now

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