Grieving families’ help

LOSING a loved one is always a sad time but two families have used it as an opportunity to help others.

Chatteris St John Ambulance have received more than £2,000 following the deaths of local women Yvonne Steadman and Peggy Dorow.

Yvonne’s family decided to have a collection at her funeral instead of flowers and collected £130.

Peggy was a friend of the Division and a total of £400 was raised at her funeral. In addition, she also instructed her sister Joan to sell various items from her bungalow and donate the proceeds. A massive £1,700 was raised through this and through Gift Aid, the branch will receive an extra £425.

The branch has used the money to purchase two wheelchairs designed for the larger person and that can keep a person’s legs elevated.

Lillian Oakey, the Medical Loans Co-ordinator at Chatteris St John Ambulance, said: “This has all been made possible by the thoughtfulness of these two grieving families.”

The branch thanked all those involved in the Peggy Dorow house clearance, especially Joan and her neighbours Ivy, Flo and Mary, plus Nick, Mary, Rosemary and Michael, not forgetting Richard Barnwell and staff at Gilbert Cross Auction House.