Group plans to promote harmony

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Opponents of a planned protest against immigration being held in Wisbech next month will not be holding a counter-demonstration despite rumours to the contrary.

In fact members of the recently formed “We are Wisbech” group plan to turn their backs on the anti-immigration protest and urge others to do the same while focusing on the positive.

The Rosmini Centre and Cambridgeshire County Council have recently won a £99,000 grant funded over three years from the BBC’s Children in Need for activities and events that will bring the town’s children together.

And the centre will be running an International Children’s Day on May 18 - the same day as the proposed anti-immigration protest.

A spokesman for “We are Wisbech” said the group aims to work with the whole community to make the town a better place and added: “The people of our town, regardless of origin, can best solve problems that affect all of us, like factory closures, by standing together.

“We recognise that times are hard, and likely to get harder, and understand why people are concerned at the changes to our environment over the past few years.

“But the recession, the rising cost of living and cuts to jobs, benefits and services aren’t the fault of immigrant workers, who feel the impact the same as the rest of us.”

And she said organisers of the protest appear to only want to “exaggerate problems and use immigrants as a scapegoat.

She added: “They’re not interested in positive solutions. Plans so far include setting up a “We are Wisbech” Facebook page; and working to make the Rosmini Centre event celebrating International Children’s Day on May 18 the big success it deserves to be.”