Gun amnesty in Cambridgeshire

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Police are asking people to get shot of their guns, as they launch an amnesty on firearms and ammunition.

The amnesty runs until Friday, November 21, in a bid to reduce the risk of guns falling into the wrong hands.

During the period, people will be able to hand over unlicensed weapons without fear of prosecution.

Superintendent Tony Ixer said: “There is very little gun crime in Cambridgeshire but as part of a co-ordinated national campaign to stop guns falling into the wrong hands, we are joining forces across the country to help people dispose of guns safely.”

The amnesty comes following a change to legislation which has seen the maximum sentence for owning an illegal gun increased.

Supt Ixer said: “New legislation means some people who already have firearms in their possession may be breaking the law. In such cases it is possible these gun owners are not even aware that they are committing an offence.

“In some cases it is also an offence to possess firearms for sale or to transfer ownership of firearms or ammunition. These changes could mean that antique dealers and other collectors may be breaking the law, which could result in a sentence of imprisonment.”

People can surrender firearms at any police station in Cambridgeshire during the amnesty. They should make sure their gun is unloaded and covered up. People are asked to contact police beforehand on 101 to let them know they are bringing a gun in.