Hard-hitting campaign for Ormiston

EAST Anglia’s leading children’s charity, Ormiston Children & Families Trust, has launched a hard-hitting new campaign, addressing the gritty issues faced by children and families in the eastern region.

Ormiston works within and beyond the margins of society where other charities fear to tread, guiding and empowering children and young people who have been affected by drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, imprisonment and the effects of poverty.

To date, much of their essential work has been conducted without public attention but this is set to change.

Ormiston has taken to TV to highlight the challenges faced by the innocent victims of disadvantaged and traumatised families. In a hard-hitting prime time ad, Ormiston outlines the issues faced by thousands of children in our region, in the hope that communities will understand the daily struggle faced by young people across the East of England and the UK at large.

The TV ad is part of a major relaunch by Ormiston, which will bring this leading charity to mass public attention for the first time.

In addition to TV and press advertising, the charity has unveiled a new logo and website. This new black and yellow logo symbolises light emerging from darkness, representing the hope that Ormiston brings to young people dealing with the very real threat of social exclusion. The new website will enable these young people seeking help to quickly and easily find the support they need.

Geoff Prescott CEO at Ormiston said: “Our vision is a world where every child is loved, nurtured and valued, no matter what their current situation or background. The launch will serve as a driver to help raise awareness of the issues faced within the region and the essential work that is going on in our community – day in and day out – to ensure that children grow up free from stigma and disadvantage.”

Founded in 1981, Ormiston has over thirty years’ experience in creating and running tailored services for children and young people coping with serious social issues, as well as managing a number of regional children’s centres. The charity harnesses the skills of its professionals to make a change at a grass-roots level, where it’s really needed.

The new brand reflects the charity’s on-going and unwavering commitment to making young lives better in the East of England, by being brave, effective and caring in everything it does.

For more information you can visit Ormiston Children & Families Trust new website www.ormiston.org