Have your say on nursery

CONSULTATION is under-way this week on the future of a Wisbech day nursery.

Cambridgeshire County Council is undertaking a review of the badly under-used Oasis Nursery to decide what changes if any should be made.

Closure of the nursery is a possibility, but Jemma Keegan, the county’s Early Years and Child Sufficiency Co-ordinator, stressed that the Oasis Children’s Centre was not under threat.

The day nursery, which is based at the Oasis Centre, has 50 full-time places for children aged from birth to four-year-olds, but is currently running at around half capacity.

This means the Local Authority has to subsidise the nursery for the 78 users - money which could be used to provide additional services at the Oasis Children’s Centre,

The aim of the consultation, which started on Monday and runs until December 9, is to determine whether the day nursery is the best use of funding and whether money could be used to better affect to help families in the Waterlees area.

There is a range of options for interested parties to consider and Mrs Keegan said the aim is to ensure that the services provided at the Children’s Centre meet the needs of the children and families living locally.

Options range from tendering the nursery out for another provider to run to closing it.

It is unclear how much money will be save by closure, or by passing it to another provider, but any saving would be reinvested into the Children’s Centre.

Consultation forms are available via the county council’s website and Wisbech’s ShapeYourPlace website. Completed forms can be emailed to jemma.keegan@cambridgeshire.gov.uk