Headshave to raise cash

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A WISBECH woman is going bald to raise money for the cancer ward at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Alanna Jackson (49), who works at Paddons Veterinary Surgery, will be going under the razor to have her head completely shaved.

She was inspired to raise cash for the cancer ward after her mum, Jeanette Smithee, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour in March.

Jeanette (69) is currently undergoing radiotherapy at the hospital in a bid to keep the frontal lobe tumour at bay and the family are very appreciative of the care she has been receiving.

Alanna’s only previous link with Addenbrooke’s was being crowned Miss Addenbrooke’s 1981 at a fundraising dance put on by charity champion Cyril Snushall.

Her family, including children Dominique Crawford (24) and Connor Jackson (18), is fully behind her.

Alanna said: “My husband Andrew can’t do it, as he’s already bald. And it won’t be too much of a shock as I used to have my hair really short. It’s been really long as well – I used to be able to sit on it.”

Alanna is not asking for sponsorship, but is hoping people will be able to donate something to her fund. She is collecting donations at Paddons, which can be found on Elm Low Road, Wisbech.