Health check your property

old roof
old roof
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NOW is a good time for homeowners to ‘health check’ their homes, according to NHBC (National House-Building Council), the UK’s leading warranty provider and standards setting body for new build homes.

People living in houses built in the last ten years will typically have to deal with less maintenance. NHBC has worked consistently for over 75 years to raise the construction standards of new homes and provide protection for new home buyers, with its flagship Buildmark warranty covering more than 80 percent of new homes built in the UK, giving homeowners assurance and redress if anything goes wrong.



Whether your home is new or old, NHBC advises all homeowners to carry out a yearly review. Items worth checking are the heating system and have your annual boiler service. Smoke detectors, if run on batteries these should be checked and replaced. Home security, check the locks on doors and windows. Plumbing, dripping pipes and taps waste vast amounts of water and can also create significant internal damage.

Outside check the roofing to see if any tiles are cracked or have slipped. Solar Panels, Should be self cleaning, however to maintain efficiency, any debris should be removed if this can be done safely.

Guttering, check for damage and clear away blockages that may have accumulated over the winter. Woodwork needs preserving against the weather and garden fencing needs checking for any damage and maintain its good condition and security.

A quick home health check will identify areas that need attention and catch problems at an early stage.

Carrying out regular maintenance ensures a home is kept in good condition, making it more pleasant to live in, more energy efficient and cheaper to run, and increasing its residual value.

• Further advice for homeowners on property maintenance see the NHBC’s website: