Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust best in country

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Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust has been ranked best in the country.

Matthew Winn, Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust said: “The results of the Trust’s annual staff survey published by NHS England are overwhelmingly positive with staff motivation and the prevalence of staff experiencing work related pressure rated as the most positive in the country when compared to other community trusts.

“In addition, 25 of the 28 key findings scored ‘above average’ including satisfaction with the quality of patient care staff are able to deliver and recommending the Trust as a place to work or receive treatment.”

Commenting on the areas where staff experience had improved the most in the last year, Mr Winn added: “We have introduced a number of initiatives to support staff and this is reflected in the significant improvements seen in relation to staff job satisfaction and support provided by immediate managers.

“These are fantastic accolades” he concluded “and completely reflect the excellent staff we employ, their commitment to providing high quality care to local residents and making the Trust a positive place to work.

“Whilst none of the 28 key findings were rated as ‘below average’, we will continue to focus on improving the working lives of our staff in a range of areas to ensure we attract and retain a high quality workforce, including in the three areas rated average: availability of hand washing facilities, percentage of staff receiving job-relevant training and development and the percentage of staff working extra hours.”