Carers Week

Across the UK the number of people caring, unpaid for a family member or friend who is ill, frail and disabled has now risen to 6.5 million. Every day at least 6,000 people start caring. Becoming a carer can impact significantly on a person’s life – it takes time, energy, can leave you isolated and can be costly.

Prepared to Care? – the 2013 Carers Week campaign – will focus on how the UK’s current carer population is coping, how effectively Government is supporting the growing numbers of carers, and whether the wider population is prepared for future caring responsibilities.

Through Prepared to Care? Carers Week will highlight the impact of caring on daily life and, with an ageing population and higher incidence of disability and serious illness, encourage the public to think whether they could manage a caring role.

Prepared to Care? will also help those already caring to make sure they are accessing all the practical and emotional support they need to care safely and look after themselves.

A new report to be published for Carers Week will highlight to Government the changes required to improve the lives of carers and the people they care.

Running from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 June 2013. Some 2,000 organisations will be involved in 10,000 Carers Week Prepared to Care? events.

Carers Week has a wide range of carers willing to share their experiences.

Contact: t 020 7378 4955 or e