Charity walk sends a powerful message

For 17 years, Beverley Salter and her partner Adam were desperate to start a family. Enduring years of heartbreak, disappointment and the devastation of a miscarriage, after two attempts at IVF, they could finally hold their miracle baby George in their arms.

During their struggle, the couple turned to charity Infertility Network UK which gave them a huge amount of support. Now Beverley has taken on the challenge to walk up Mount Snowdon to raise money and awareness for the organisation.

The 42-year-old, who lives in Feltwell, Norfolk and works for UK Power Networks in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, said: “I am doing this walk to give something back as it is all too easy to go through life taking what you need and feel is your right and forget that there are still others who need help.

“Having a family was a very big part of my dream for my life and I still look at George every day and can’t believe I am so lucky to have such a beautiful little boy. I count myself as a blessed person and a complete one.

“It is heart-breaking when you want something so much and it doesn’t happen, but luckily there are websites like Infertility Network which help and provide support to those who need it.”

Last month new NHS guidelines said the age of couples in England and Wales receiving IVF through the NHS is to be raised to 42.

Beverley said: “I think it will be great, as the deadline does seem to below. When we were finally offered IVF, I was 38 and 10 months and the deadline in Norfolk is 39 and 10 months. Hopefully a lot more people will benefit from the extended age.”

Little George is now two and a half but even throughout her pregnancy Beverley still could not believe it was happening.

She said: “It was our second IVF attempt. With the first one we had a positive result but found out at the eight-week scan that we had lost it. It wasn’t until I had hold of George in my arms that I could believe it had happened.

“I have made quite a lot of friends through the forum on the website. This is not a subject or charity that gets enough support as it is often a subject that is not talked about openly and goes on behind closed doors, but there are more than 3.5million people in the UK today who suffer some sort of infertility-related issue.”

Infertility Network is a leading charity which provides UK wide support for anyone affected by the condition and also has two sister companies,

ACebabes, for those who have been successful, and More to Life, which helps and supports those who have remained childless.

Beverley raises money for charity every year and has taken part in a parachute jump for Macmillan Cancer Care as well as the Race for Life.

Mount Snowdon is one of the three highest peaks in the UK and Beverley is planning to carry out her challenge on May 11.

To sponsor Beverley, visit or text COTA94 £1 to 70070.