David is a success story

David, who has benefited from the services of health trainer Glenda.
David, who has benefited from the services of health trainer Glenda.

A LOCAL man is just one of many that have benefited from a free health training programme run in connection with NHS Cambridgeshire.

David made a series of changes to his lifestyle after being referred to the health service by his doctor at Parson Drove Surgery.

He set a goal of losing half a stone and, with trainer Glenda’s help, set about ditching biscuits, chocolate and sweets.

From August 2011 through to March 2012 David lost an incredible 2 stone, he lost 3 inches on his hips and 7 inches around his waist.

Glenda helped increase David’s knowledge of food groups and portion sizes and helped him to incorporate this knowledge into his daily diet. No calorie counting was involved – just support and motivation from Glenda combined with David’s determination and will power.

Very often people who embark on the right road with the Health Trainer service are aware of the consequences of a poor diet and lack of exercise, so it was a relief when David’s blood pressure also came down to a normal rate after he was informed it was slightly high and he should make some lifestyle changes to reduce his risk of it increasing further.

His mother has commented on his “lack of tummy” and David’s social life has taken a turn for the better too.

David said: “It’s all down to one woman: Glenda. I wouldn’t have felt this good without her guidance. Don’t sit and do nothing about it, find a Health Trainer and get their advice.”

For more information about the Personal Health Trainer Service call Fiona on 07775-532285 or visit www.personalhealthtrainer.org.uk