Don’t run the risk of eye infections this Christmas

AS the Christmas party season gets underway, millions of women are set to ‘glam up’ to celebrate the festivities, buying new outfits, visiting the hairdresser and applying just the right amount of make up to achieve this winter’s most fashionable looks.

Yet ahead of the obligatory office parties and family gatherings, local optician Nigel Coley is warning of the risks old cosmetics pose to women’s eye health. It is good practice to throw out old eye make up or face the festive season at risk of developing unsightly eye infections.

“Old cosmetics, especially water based products like mascara and liquid eye liner, harbour bacteria, which thrives in wet conditions. If make up is used past the recommended use by date, women increase their risk of contracting eye infections including styes and conjunctivitis.

“As a rule, mascara and liquid eye liner should be discarded three to six months after opening, with all other eye make up being replaced on a regular basis.”

Nigel Coley recommends five tips to maintain eye health during the Christmas party season:

• Stick to the motto ‘out with the old and in with the new’, throwing out and replacing all outdated eye make up.

• Clean all cosmetic brushes on a regular basis as part of a hygienic eye health routine.

• When at the Christmas party avoid sharing eye make up with friends and colleagues, as germs can be easily spread.

• Before climbing into bed after celebrating the seasonal festivities, remove all eye make up and cleanse the eyelids and skin surrounding the eyes.

• Eye make up is not meant to be worn 24 hours a day everyday. Give your eyes a break and try the natural look, allowing skin around the eyes time to breathe and regenerate.