Food allergy sufferers needed for survey

Do you have a food allergy? If so the Anaphylaxis Campaign, as part of the Patient Organisation Committee of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) would like you to take part in an important online survey.

They are seeking comments from people affected by food allergies on the emerging topic of food allergen threshold levels (which is the lowest amount of an allergen that causes an allergic reaction).

Lynne Regent, CEO, the Anaphylaxis Campaign said; “We plan to use the data from this survey when we discuss food labelling and allergen threshold levels with key groups such as the food industry, food scientists, clinicians and researchers and government regulators, with the aim of improving patient care. This topic is particularly key for Europe at the moment as the new Food Information Regulations come into effect in 2014 which will affect how food is labelled.”

This survey is designed for people with food allergies, the family members with whom they reside, and caregivers who purchase food for people with food allergies (such as babysitters and extended family members). This survey is not designed for institutional caregivers, such as day care operators or school personnel.

The survey can be accessed at It should only take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be open until Monday 27 May 2013.

The results from this survey, which is being rolled out in multiple countries, will be shared at EAACI’s Patient Organisation Workshop to be held at the EAACI - WAO Congress Milan 2013, on 24 June 2014.