Free vision test for drivers

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A MARCH opticians is offering a free vision screen service for drivers during December after a national survey revealed that more than a quarter of UK drivers admit to having asked passengers to read road signs for them due to poor vision.

While the number of motorists banned from driving due to poor eyesight is increasing, there appears to be apathy with some drivers that driving with poor vision does not apply to them.

As well as the risk of having an accident, drivers below the legal standard are really driving without insurance.

In the run-up to Christmas the message of ‘No drink driving’ is emphasised by national campaigns. The message of making drivers see well by getting their eyes checked is equally important.

Consequently Coley Opticians of March are offering a FREE vision screen service for drivers during December.

The recent online survey poll of drivers showed that:

8 per cent were not able to read a number plate from 20 metres.

24 per cent drove without their glasses even though they had needed them.

10 per cent had gone without an eye check for the past decade.

42 per cent admitted slowing down and squinting to read road signs.

45 per cent believed their eyesight had deteriorated since they took their test.

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