Get it checked campaign

A campaign to encourage men in the Wisbech area to get a health check has been launched this week.

The Be A Man and get it checked campaign is designed to encourage men, who are notorious for not going to the doctor, to have a health check. Men, aged over 40, and who haven’t had their health checked are being particularly targeted by the campaign but everyone will be welcome.

The campaign is targeted in Wisbech where average life expectancy is lower than the national figure, and life expectancy is 6.8 years lower for men in some areas of the town than in the most prosperous areas of Fenland.

A series of events are being held today Tuesday, March 12 and Thursday, March 14 in the town where men can come and have health checks or get advice. The drop in sessions are designed to make it easy for men to talk to an expert and get advice.

The campaign will be attending supermarkets, an engineering factory and a community centre and will be doing MOT style health checks, as well as focusing on smoking, alcohol, sexual health, cancer awareness, getting people to be more active and to eat more healthily.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Steve Tierney, Cabinet member for Health and Well Being will also be getting his health checked.

He said: “I know that men find many excuses not to go to the doctor or have things checked out. But what this campaign is saying is people love you and depend upon you so be a man and get a health check. Some simple advice could prevent a lot of heartache in the future for you and your family. Women and partners will also be able to get advice and hopefully encourage their partners to have a health check too. It is worrying that people living in Wisbech have a lower average life span than elsewhere in the County and that a simple health check can help turn that around.”

The venues are today from 10am to 2.30pm at Morrison’s supermarket, Elm High Road; and 3pm to 5pm at the Rosmini Cemtre, Queens Road.

Thursday: 9am to 11am at Asda in North End; 11.30am to 2pm at the Wincanton Factory, Newbridge Lane; and 2.30pm to 5pm at Asda, North End.