Health news: Contract to continue

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THE Ministry of Defence has announced that Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust will continue to provide local in-patient mental health care for serving military personnel in the Eastern Region.

CPFT works in partnership with seven NHS Trusts around the country (led by South Staffordshire and

Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust) to provide this service, which is based from a special unit at The Cavell

Centre in Peterborough, to MoD staff. CPFT has been providing this service since 2009 and, over the last three

years, has provided high-quality and effective in-patient care that is tailored and sensitive to the specific needs of armed forces personnel serving worldwide.

Dr Attila Vegh, Chief Executive at CPFT, said: “It is a great privilege for CPFT to be re-awarded this contract,

and to be able to continue to provide acute mental health care to armed forces personnel in the eastern region.

We will continue to work to deliver the best possible service to our military men and women. The new contract

will include some exciting innovations, including a mental health “app”, which has been specially developed to

offer mental health information to personnel from the army, navy and air force, which will be rolled out shortly.” Surgeon Vice-Admiral Raffaelli, Surgeon General, added: “The armed forces continue to work hard to ensure

there is good awareness about mental health issues that may affect serving personnel and to ensure that the

most appropriate care is available for those that do require treatment and we continue to make significant

progress in these areas. The network of eight NHS trusts means that our people get the best in-patient care

available in an environment that is close to their homes or unit.”