Helping you to Breathe Easy

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BREATHE Easy Fenland is hoping to raise awareness with a stand at this weekend’s Vintage Country and Air Show at the Skylark Showground in Wimblington.

As part of the British Lung Foundation Support Network, the group is there to support anyone in the Fens affected by lung disease - patients, carers, families and friends.

Everyone is welcome to join the group and membership is free. For its support work in the Fens, the group won the British Lung Foundation’s National Award for Outstanding New Group (2009/10) and were runners-up for Best Newsletter for the same period.

Representatives attend the Fenland District Council’s Golden Age Fairs, which tour the district, and members are regularly invited to add their views to important research being carried out by universities, hospitals and the British Lung Foundation on living with lung disease.

Membership has reached 140 in the first two years and the group has MP Steve Barclay and Dr Robert Buttery (lung specialist at Papworth and Hinchingbrooke hospitals) as honorary members.

Said the group: “We are especially proud of our active part in campaigning for the introduction of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Courses (previously only held in other parts of Cambridgeshire) now held in March and Wisbech.

“These courses are particularly helpful to patients with emphysema, chronic bronchitis and chronic asthma (now known collectively as COPD).

“Results can be amazing - as one of our members will confirm. She was using oxygen for 15 hours a day and, following the exercise sessions, no longer needs it. She was a constant and regular patient of the ARAS nurses and now no longer needs to attend.”

The group holds annual lung testing sessions in March for the public and the aim is to reach the one-in-seven people affected by lung disease in the Fens to offer them support by welcoming them to monthly meetings where they can make friends and share information and advice, listen to speakers, enjoy refreshments and chat to others with similar illnesses.

The group has local and national information, leaflets, booklets and regular newsletters.

Come and find out more about Breathe Easy Fenland at the Skylark Show on September 3 and 4.