Massive thank you for saving Liam’s life

Liam Rostron, who almost died last year, is now the picture of health.
Liam Rostron, who almost died last year, is now the picture of health.

Watching their two-year-old son Liam bounce around and chatter about his favourite film ‘Toy Story’, parents Rachel and Adam Rostron are all too aware of how close they came to losing him.

Just ten months ago, little Liam was fighting for his life in hospital after suffering a prolonged epileptic fit out of the blue.

Liam Rostron (2) almost died last year.

Liam Rostron (2) almost died last year.

“It was the most terrifying experience of my life,” mum Rachel said. “He decided to have a nap on the sofa, which he did most afternoons, but on waking his eyes were not right. He was just staring into space, not responding to me, then when he tried to talk to me he couldn’t get anything out.

“All of a sudden his body was jerking and his eyes were rolling in his head. We called an ambulance which took almost 20 minutes to arrive and he was still fitting at this point.

“The ambulance staff gave him some medication to stop the muscle spasms and when we arrived at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, there were 14 medical staff waiting for him. He stopped breathing for himself and was unresponsive for a few minutes before they managed to ventilate him.”

Doctors still do not know what caused Liam to have a fit and he is now the picture of health, but the month he spent in hospital is still fresh in the family’s memories.

Liam – who also has two sisters Summer (12) and Holly (9) – was transferred to St Mary’s Hospital in London where he spent almost two weeks on life support. Status epilepticus, a prolonged fit or a cluster of shorter fits lasting more than 30 minutes, becomes more dangerous the longer it lasts and can cause brain damage or even death.

Liam was still on life support for his second birthday, then returned to King’s Lynn where he spent a further two weeks on Rudham ward going through withdrawal from all the drugs he had been on.

The Rostrons, who run a photography business in Sutton Bridge and come from Wisbech, donated a photography package to the ward which raised £100 through a raffle.

“We just want to say a great big thank you to the hospitals,” Rachel said. “Every day I look at Liam and I’m just so grateful. Without their fast action and great care, we are sure we would not have our son here today, getting ready to celebrate his third birthday.”