New service for Norfolk

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A new service designed to take away some of the stress of notifying government departments and local councils of a birth or death is being launched in Norfolk.

Norfolk is one of the first counties in the Eastern Region to offer residents the chance to use the new free Tell us once service, which launches on Thursday (November 3). It will give people the chance to inform many government departments and local authorities of a birth or death.

The scheme has been launched by Norfolk County Council and district councils across the county, and is backed by the government.

Immediately after registering a birth at any of the County Council’s nine registration offices parents will now be able to use the Tell us once service. All they will need to do is answer some simple questions and provide some basic information and the registrar will do the ‘paperwork’ online giving necessary information directly to government departments and local authorities. The registrar can also verify and send a completed Child Benefit form which eliminates the need for parents to send a birth certificate with their application.

When registering a death the family will now be invited to use the Tell us once bereavement service to inform a large number of local and national government departments dealing with taxes, benefits, pensions, social services, DVLA, housing and passports with just one single contact.

Cliff Jordan, Cabinet member responsible for registration services, said: “We all want to make services as easy as possible to use and I’m delighted that working with colleagues at other local authorities we are leading the way in cutting through red tape.

“At a time of bereavement the last thing people really want to face is dealing with reams of paperwork, and juggling the demands of everyday life leaves little time for anything else so I’m pleased this improved service should help make people’s lives a little easier at some of the most stressful times they face.”