NHS Cambridgeshire and Care Network launch Help at Home

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A NEW county wide service called Help at Home, provided by Cambridgeshire Care Network Charity has been funded by NHS Cambridgeshire and Cambridgeshire County Council. Help at Home provides practical help for people who are unwell at home and supports frail, vulnerable or elderly people returning home from hospital.

The service can be accessed by GPs, community support teams, hospital teams and directly by the public and offers help with tasks like shopping, calling in to check if someone is warm and well, collecting prescriptions and linking people with other community and voluntary services that they may benefit from.

Examples of people who may benefit from the service include; people that are usually independent but develop conditions such as flu, shortness of breath or a colds and may be unable to get out of the house whilst poorly. It will also support people who have been in hospital for an admission and may need some support settling back home before they are back to full strength. The Help at Home volunteers are able to collect prescriptions, shop for food and essentials, link the person with other services and generally just check that the person is comfortable in their home environment and have all that is needed.

Some feedback from people who have already used the service:

‘I was at rock bottom and I don’t know what would have happened without the volunteer.’

“It was the little things I couldn’t do and that’s what she did for me.”

“Who could ask for more I tell you. Lovely”.

Help at Home are always looking for more volunteers to join the team. Hilary Johnys, Senior Coordinator for Care Network said: “Our volunteers are of all ages and backgrounds and enjoy helping people. It’s a unique opportunity which only commits you for a one off visit or for up to three weeks each time, and it can work around your other commitments. As a volunteer myself, I love spending time with the variety of people I get to work support”

If you need help, would like to help by volunteering, or just want to find out more about the Help at Home service, please contact Care Network on 01223-714433 or visit www.care-network.org.uk