Raising awareness of men’s health

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Fenland men with niggling health concerns are being urged to visit their GPs as even the slightest issue could be the first symptom of a potentially life-threatening condition.

That’s the message from the “March to the Doctor” campaign which has been launched to coincide with Men’s Health Week between June 10-16.

Men are notorious for ignoring health symptoms, says the campaign, with NHS figures showing they are half as likely to visit their GPs as women, despite suffering from a similar number of ailments and conditions.

But the March to the Doctor campaign says there are five major health symptoms men should never gnore; lumps on testicles, problem moles, trouble urinating, impotence and feeling depressed.

Any of these could signal a major underlying health problem, with potential fatal consequences, says the family doctor who is launching the March to the Doctor campaign.

“And there are many other symptoms which could be cause for concern,” says GP Dr Tony Steele, who sees evidence of men’s medical disinterest through running one of the UK’s busiest online pharmacies, DoctorFox.co.uk

“Why men visit their GPs less is a mystery, “ adds Dr Steele. “They are certainly not healthier than women, and in fact the reverse is true because men smoke and drink more. Men are also more likely to develop high blood pressure, and are more prone to heart disease and cancer than women, yet their “surgery shyness” persists. It’s a major concern in the medical world and could account for the fact that men live a few years less than women on average.”