Residents asked to monitor smells

RESIDENTS affected by the odour coming from Strattons Liquid Waste Disposal in Walsoken are being asked by Environmental Health to monitor when the smell is occurring.

The monitoring is to build up a picture of how the bad odour is affecting individual residents rather than just the area as a whole.

It will work in conjunction with further extensive odour monitoring that will be carried out by King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council later this year.

This has come out after local councillor Virginia Bucknor continued to complain about the smell, which can affect her property.

A number of measures have also been carried out by Mr Stratton to try and reduce the impact of his business on residents in the surrounding area, who have been plagued by unpleasant smells in recent years.

These measures include an injector system that will enable the liquid waste to be injected into the soil rather than being left on the surface.

More land purchased by Strattons means the waste will go over a wider area and reduce the amount needed to be stored in lagoons.

Recent smells just before Easter were caused by the emptying of the lagoons and ploughing it into the land.

A weather system has also been purchased so the wind direction can be checked before carrying out more odorous activities.

Any resident that wishes to take part in the odour monitoring who hasn’t received a form, contact Katherine Jones at Environmental Health on 01553-616200 before May 11.