Roadside delivery for Wisbech mum

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LITTLE Rio Lloyd didn’t hang around when he decided it was time to be born and made his appearance on the passenger seat of his nan’s car while his mum was trying to make it to hospital.

Stacy Patrick (27) had been told to expect a quick birth after being stuck at 4cm dilated for over a week, but she did not expect to meet her baby just 45 minutes after her first real contraction.

Stacy and her son Macen (18 months) were in Wisbech Park on Thursday with a friend and her sister Gemma (29), who is almost six months pregnant with twin girls, when she had a strong contraction.

Reluctant to bother Stacy’s fiance Damon Lloyd with another false alarm, as he was working in London, they headed over to North Cambs Hospital. Stacy was found to be 6-7cm dilated and the midwife told her to get to hospital.

Stacy’s mum, Penny Mosley, rushed over to pick her up and, with a quick stop at her Falklands Drive home to pick up her hospital bag, they set off for the hospital.

However, once they got onto the A47, Stacy’s waters broke and she felt like she needed to push.

Stacy said: “I think I said, ‘I don’t know if we’re going to have time, I feel like I’m pushing.’ I remember Mum saying, ‘You need to control that urge and time the contractions.’ She was so calm. I’m so glad she was there.”

Penny pulled over into the lay-by just before the Tilney St Lawrence roundabout and seconds later, baby Rio was born on the passenger seat at 12.30pm.

“Stacy was marvellous. I got out of the car and picked him up,” Penny said. “I wrapped him in my cardigan and put him onto her. Within five minutes, the paramedics had arrived.”

Stacy and Rio, who weighed a healthy 7lb 12oz, were taken to hospital where they stayed overnight, but thankfully there were no ill effects from the swift delivery.

The proud nan is not planning to have a repeat performance with Gemma’s babies.

Penny said: “I definitely won’t be getting involved. As soon as she starts having contractions, I will be telling her to call an ambulance!”

The family praised the paramedics and said they were “fantastic”.

An ambulance service spokeswoman said: “We are delighted to hear that mother and baby are both doing well and wish the family all the very best for the future.

“Our paramedics are given comprehensive training in delivering babies, so they can handle them calmly even in such unusual circumstances, and our call handlers are also trained in giving advice over the phone.

“Everyone involved in this happy occasion did very well and we are proud of them.”

Pictured are proud mum Stacy Patrick with baby Rio Lloyd and nan Penny Mosley.

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