Special session for sufferers of breathing difficulties

THERE will be a special ‘one off’ session for sufferers of breathing difficulties in Cambridgeshire next week when the UK’s only full-time specialist in the Buteyko Breathing Method visits the region.

People with breathing problems, such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, panic, anxiety and stress, will have the opportunity to learn specialised breathing rehabilitation techniques.

Following ongoing pilot studies with the NHS, Buteyko expert Simon Paddon will conduct this ‘one off’ session for local sufferers.

The two-hour session will commence at 11am, Saturday 10th September at Orchard Community Centre, Central Avenue, Orchard Park, Cambridge, CB4 2EZ.

Placements will cost £12 per person and MUST be booked in advance either online at www.buteykomethod.co.uk or by calling 0844-357-7373.

The session will teach attendees how to apply simple techniques to control symptoms of all breathing problems and to understand how incorrect breathing can lead to a worsening condition - advice of how to be less reliant upon medications will also be given in line with guidelines from Asthma UK.

“We do NOT teach people who to huff and puff, the Buteyko technique requires nothing more than being sat in a seat. Correct breathing is not about huffing and puffing,” said Simon.

People who experience sleeping difficulties can also benefit.