Tackling the myths

This National Epilepsy Week (19-25 May), charity Epilepsy Action is aiming to tackle some of the myths that surround epilepsy.

This is in response to feedback from its members. Many say they feel there is a lack of understanding about epilepsy and that they have been prevented from taking part in various activities as a result of their condition.

Epilepsy Action will be raising awareness of, and challenging, several myths surrounding epilepsy. These include:

• All seizures look the same

• All people with epilepsy are affected by flashing lights

• People with epilepsy should not take part in certain activities, such as swimming, cycling or spa treatments

Stacey Rennard, campaigns manager at Epilepsy Action, said: “Epilepsy is a condition that is often overlooked and misunderstood. This National Epilepsy Week, we hope we can raise awareness of the condition and tackle some of the myths that surround it. We’re also aiming to challenge some of the out-of-date rules in the UK that needlessly prevent people with epilepsy taking part in activities.”

For more information about National Epilepsy Week, including the truth behind some commons myths about epilepsy, visit epilepsy.org.uk/epilepsyweek