Warning after heart scare

Victor Gardner  who was wrongly diagnosed with heart failure
Victor Gardner who was wrongly diagnosed with heart failure
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A FENLAND man wrongly diagnosed with heart failure after a scan is warning others to check their test results.

Victor Gardner thought he was seriously ill and was taking strong medication for a heart condition after a scan by Echo Vision resulted in him being diagnosed with heart failure.

He spent two months worrying about his health and had to undergo various tests including an MRI scan before being told there was nothing wrong with him.

Mr Gardner (64), of Marylebone Road, March, underwent the original scan by Echo Vision after going to the doctors complaining of breathlessness.

He explained Echo Vision was the company employed by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust to carry out ultra-sound scans for patients across the county and he is worried that while he was wrongly diagnosed with a heart condition someone else was wrongly given the all-clear.

“It is hard to know whether my results were mixed up with someone else’s and they were wrongly given the all clear and are now walking around with an undiagnosed heart condition, or whether the woman carrying out the scan simply made a mistake with my diagnosis. But I would urge everyone who has had a scan carried out by Echo Vision to question their results.

“I had another ultra-sound scan at the hospital, which didn’t show any problems, before being sent to Papworth for an MRI scan to confirm there was nothing wrong with me. I was on seriously strong medication for two months, it all costs money and it was completely unnecessary - and the NHS has had to pay out for no reason.

“Echo Vision offered me £2,000 in compensation on the understanding I didn’t say anything but my consultant asked me not to take the money because he wanted to raise the issue with the trust. If a mistake is made then the patient involved has to make a complaint to Echo Vision, who simply offer money as compensation as long as nothing is said, so who knows how many mistakes have been made,” said Mr Gardner.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust said: “We are aware of Mr Gardner’s complaint and apologise on behalf of Echo Vision who provided the service at the time of the complaint for any distress caused.   We are undertaking a full investigation of Mr Gardner’s concerns.”