WISBECH: Free pregnancy guide from Tommy’s

Mums-to-be can pick up a free pregnancy guide at Wisbech Asda’s pharmacy thanks to baby charity Tommy’s.

January is the perfect time for many women to make the most of those resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles, and start getting ‘baby-fit’ – and with birth rates being typically higher in September and October, it seems that the beginning of the year is a popular time to conceive.

As such baby charity Tommy’s and Asda are lending a helping hand to would-be-parents, with the help of the charity’s ‘Having a Healthy Pregnancy’ guide, available for free in the Asda Wisbech Pharmacy.

The guide is Tommy’s staple pregnancy health publication, produced to help women maximize their pregnancy health. It provides key information on the different stages of pregnancy and antenatal care, and was revised in 2012 – with funding from Asda - to also focus on evidence-based lifestyle advice, including diet and nutrition, weight management, exercise, smoking cessation and maintaining good mental well-being.

Tommy’s has also recently been certified by the Information Standard, so those who refer to Tommy’s publications can feel reassured that the information they receive is evidence-based, reliable and trustworthy.

Since its inception, the guide has always proved to be an invaluable resource for pregnant women, with expert advice and helpful tips.

Beckie Lang, health campaigns manager for Tommy’s, said: “For many, pregnancy provides an excellent opportunity to adopt better lifestyle choices. Pregnancy is a very exciting journey that will bring many changes to your body, your lifestyle and your family. However, we know changing behaviour and certain habits can be hard, so our ‘Having a Healthy Pregnancy’ guide aims to show women the best ways to have a healthy, happy nine months, giving your baby the best possible chance to be healthy and strong.”