Heavy rain warning for Cambridgeshire

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HEAVY downpours of rain have been predicted in Cambridgeshire by the Met Office this evening and during tomorrow’s rush-hour traffic, which could cause flash flooding.

Two bands of rain are expected, which are travelling north-west from France. The first is expected to arrive in Cambridgeshire between midnight tonight and 1am tomorrow morning. The second band, which is likely to be the heaviest is expected during rush-hour (7am to 8am) tomorrow. In total, about 60 to 70mm of rain is expected.

Motorists are being warned that driving conditions could become dangerous during heavy downpours, due to decreased visibility and surface water on the roads.

It is not expected that properties will be affected, however, residents are advised to listen out for warnings on radio and TV and to log onto www.environment-agency.gov.uk for further updates.

If flooding does occur to homes, residents are reminded that the fire service do not provide sandbags and that 999 should only be used if there is a threat to life. In addition, flood water in homes needs to be over six inches in order for pumping equipment to work effectively and there needs to be somewhere to pump the water to, so it won’t have an adverse impact to someone else’s property.

Advice from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service is:

For up to date flood watch information, log onto the Environment Agency website.

Don’t drive through standing water - as well as the water damaging your car, there may be hazards under the water you can’t see. If you see a sign to say that the road is closed due to flooding, remember the sign is there for a reason. Don’t try to drive through or you might get stuck.

When driving, if heavy rain is making visibility difficult, pull over if possible.

Remember that roads will be slippery during wet conditions.

Listen out for warnings on radio and TV and phone Floodline 0845 988 118 for more information.

If you know your home is at risk of flooding, prepare a list of useful phone numbers and keep it somewhere safe.

If your home does start to flood, turn off your electricity supply. If you have an elderly or vulnerable family member or neighbour who is at risk of flooding, contact them to ensure they are prepared and know what to do should their home flood.