Help an animal this Christmas with an Animalternative gift from the RSPCA

THE RSPCA has re-launched its charity gift website in plenty of time for the festive season.

Animalternative at is the easy way to treat friends and loved ones at Christmas or throughout the year.

There are lots of gifts starting at just £3, ideal for what might be a more frugal Christmas for many people this year.

For pets, just £10 pays for a rescued animal’s bed, breakfast and care for the night while £80 can pay for x-rays which allow us to clearly diagnose a problem and get the best treatment possible for a sick or injured animal.

Wildlife gifts include a snuggle pad for just £15 to keep rescued creatures like hedgehogs warm throughout the winter months in RSPCA care or splash out a little more and get a seal meal deal: a tasty high protein fish soup that helps orphaned and sick seals to eat before they are able to swallow whole fish.

Other unusual gifts include £10 for chicken toys which help to enrich the lives of these sociable, inquisitive birds while they are in RSPCA care; and £40 for two cow ‘shoofs’ – breathable medicated shoe bandages fitted to lame cows’ hooves.

All you need to do is choose a gift and a printed or emailed card will be sent to the recipient with a personalised message and the comfort of knowing that they have helped improve the life of at least one animal in need.

If you would rather buy a present which can be eaten or played with, why not choose from a selection of podgy fluffy toys, sweets or a fox tea towel which transforms into a cushion with a little easy DIY?

Animalternatives are a great addition to the huge range of products offered by the RSPCA including snuggly pet beds, animal toys and bowls, calendars and Christmas cards which can be found at the RSPCA shop and also give the added satisfaction of knowing that part of the cost goes towards helping rescued animals.

Please consider giving an Animalternative gift today at