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Wisbech in Bloom team who might have won a Silver Gilt at Britian In Bloom St Peter's Church Gardens, Church Terrace, Wisbech -
Wisbech in Bloom team who might have won a Silver Gilt at Britian In Bloom St Peter's Church Gardens, Church Terrace, Wisbech -
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A community group is looking for more volunteers to help Wisbech bloom this summer and hopefully capture a sought-after prize in the Britain in Bloom UK finals this autumn.

The town has been named as a finalist out of more than 1,000 entrants and Penny Stocks, secretary of Wisbech in Bloom said they are hoping to succeed but more volunteers are needed to dig in and help make the town a flowering success.

The group is made up of a small hard core of volunteers but they are all beginning to age and are looking to reduce their commitment.

“What we are looking for is some more, younger volunteers, who are willing to step in and help out. Our volunteers are extremely hardworking and committed but some are getting older.

“In particular we are looking for someone to replace David Judd, who has been responsible for watering the planters and flower beds for the past six years. It is a major commitment and as the watering needs to be done three times a week from June to September, it is not suitable for someone looking to go away during the summer months. We do pay generous expenses because the volunteer will need a car and will have to tow the water bowser,” explained Penny.

Wisbech has won gold in its Anglia in Bloom category for medium towns for the last six years and the group would like to build on the silver gilt it won in the same category in the Britain in Bloom competition.

“It is not all about how the town looks, it is also judged on community involvement as well as environmental projects. And we score well in those areas but we need more volunteers to help us maintain our high standards.

“It would be great to have a list of people we can call on when needed for things like litter picks, or if we are tackling a certain area. But we would also like people who are willing to do regular weeding and dead heading. If there is someone with particular skills we can offer them an area they can design the planting for,” said Penny.

The hard work preparing for the season starts next month, and from then on there will be plenty for volunteers to get stuck in.

Adding to the challenge this year is the fact the group has had to move its main propagating site from the Cromwell Road area, where they have been located for the past three years.

They are hoping to move to a site close to the Clifford Cross auction rooms, but are waiting for the go-ahead from Fenland Council for a change of use for the area.

“It is hardwork, but it is also worthwhile. We get lots of comments on how lovely the town looks and it’s great that we can give Wisbech something to be proud of,” added Penny.

Contact Penny on (01945) 581208 or chairman Brian Massingham (01945) 461618.