Help save a life give blood

AN urgent appeal is being made for blood donors to come forward and help limit the effects of an expected further bout of bad weather this week on blood stocks.

Stocks of one particular blood group - O negative - have fallen below preferred levels and NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is appealing in particular to these donors to come forward to replenish stocks. Group O negative is particularly important as this blood can be given safely to patients with other blood groups.

Platelet donors who are due to donate are also being reminded to step forward to give now. As platelets only have a shelf life of five days it is vital that these stocks are constantly replenished.

Sessions had to be cancelled all over the country because of the recent bad weather.

First time donors should be aged between 17-65, weighing at least 50 kg (7 stone 12lbs) and in general good health. If you’ve donated before, you can start again up to your 70th birthday and there is no upper age limit for donors who have donated in the last two years. To book an appointment call the Donor Line on 0300-1232323 or visit