Help Wisbech Rose Fair

Rose Fair  General View of the inside of St Peter's Church Wisbech ANL-140307-134222009
Rose Fair General View of the inside of St Peter's Church Wisbech ANL-140307-134222009

Wisbech’s biggest showpiece needs more people to step up and help with the organisation of the event.

For 50 years large crowds have been attracted to admire the beautiful flower displays in the Rose Fair which have decorated churches in the town.

The organising committee, which is mainly made up of people from St Peter and St Paul’s Church, is now looking for more people to come for ward to take on the organisation of the town side of the events.

The displays at St Peter and St Paul’s will continue.

Vital talks will be held on Thursday, November 13, at 7.30pm at the church hall to discuss the event.

The Rev Paul West, of St Peter and St Paul’s Church, said: “The Rose Fair, which is our great annual festival and does so much for the town, is certainly under threat.

“Unless we have people coming forward to support this town-wide annual event then the Rose Fair is under threat of not continuing.”

The Rose Fair started in 1963 to raise money for the restoration of St Peter’s Church, which dates back to Norman times.

Over the years the flower festival has blossomed and attracts coach-loads of visitors from across the country, who not only admire the flowers but also enjoy the strawberry teas.

The fair also includes festivals in other churches in the town, the parade along with entertainment at the Castle and other areas.

A chairman is needed to co-ordinate the events in the town, which will be able to access grant funding to help with the organisation.

Mr West, who has praised the committee for its efforts, said: “We need people bringing in their ideas and enthusiasm and to spread the workload.

“What we need is for people to volunteer and come along to the meeting.

“For the Rose Fair to continue it needs fresh blood and more volunteers to help to shoulder the load.”

Wisbech Round Table says the carnival parade will continue as normal.

Chairman of Wisbech Chamber of Commerce Kevin Smith says the Rose Fair is an important event for the town centre.

Mr Smith, who is also manager of the Horsefair Shopping Centre, said: “I think it is the second highest footfall weekend in the calendar year.

“I think it really put Wisbech on the map and raises the town’s profile to a wider audience.

“I would encourage people to go along to the meeting. It is the biggest event in Wisbech’s calendar.”