Helping to ensure that town’s summer is a walk

Robin Cawston
Robin Cawston

The summer is now with us and schools are enjoying their break. Wisbech Town Park is a great area to enjoy the summer months and this is an area we are currently targeting to ensure all the local residents and families alike enjoy their time in the park.

Working with Fenland CCTV and the local officers, we are patrolling the area on a regular basis. The park is also included in the DPPO, which means that persons drinking alcohol and causing a nuisance will be dealt with stringently. Expect at least to have your alcohol confiscated and thrown away and then you may also receive a fine.

#677 Stevens has taken the lead for this area and you can expect to see him and his team around more frequently.

Wisbech is in the process of getting two new police officers and an extra PCSO. This is over and above our current staffing levels.

Burglaries tend to increase over the summer months, so be aware when leaving windows open and don’t leave any valuables on show, even if you have shut them.

You may have seen that two suspects were recently arrested in the Una Crown murder and enquiries continue. If you have any further information please call in on 101, and we will get back to you.

The local Rose Fair went off without a hitch and it was nice to see the Spitfire fly over at the end of the Saturday’s parades.

We will also be increasing our town centre patrols, so please be correct in where you park your vehicles. Don’t spoil you day by receiving a ticket. You need to be in a marked bay, or don’t park there.

Wisbech Police station enquiry office is open 9am to 5pm, Monday – Saturday.

The station itself is staffed 24/7. Please use the yellow phone outside of the station if the doors are locked.