Hidden gems with Lorena Hodgson

Lorena Hodgson
Lorena Hodgson

The fenland area stretches across county and district boundaries and covers rural and town areas, with Wisbech pretty much at its centre.

The Capital of the Fens is an appropriate title for Wisbech in many ways; geographically, historically and culturally, considering the amount of activities, places and fascinating people that are associated with the town.

I have lived in the area for 14 years and have found so many interesting people, places and things to do. I’ve found buildings to visit, shops to use and events to enjoy that I didn’t know about until I got involved and helped with local projects, meeting the people who look after these “hidden gems”.

The events section in newspapers is great for regular events and groups, but the one-offs are sometimes too specialist to make it.

I have used the internet since its beginning and perhaps rely far too much on it for information and, of course, not everyone uses it to promote their place or event. So while I believe in encouraging businesses and individuals to use the internet more for mutual benefit, I also want to get the positive word out by more traditional methods – such as this newspaper.

The wealth of knowledge about the area by the many who are willing to share it is fantastic – and, if I can chat about one or two events, people or places every time I write this column, I hope that others will find it as interesting as I do and be able to get involved and enjoy learning more about their local area and especially its history.

I also want to support our local traders and independent businesses – we have many unique enterprises to celebrate that are creating a resilient, diverse and vibrant town centre to benefit us all.

We’ve seen the negative stories in the national press, keen to sensationalise! I want to change that. Tourists come here and are impressed by what we have. There’s plenty to be positive about, and locals and tourists alike can spread the word. Positive stories, of which there are many, should be shared with each other and with anyone we talk to and say we’re proud to live in the Fens!

n Lorena runs beginners’ classes in crafts, also website and social media workshops for creative businesses. Visit www.redbarncreative.org.uk