Homes plans under spotlight

Business News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Business News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Controversial plans for new homes at Parson Drove go under the spotlight tonight (Wednesday) at an extraordinary meeting of the parish council.

The meeting at St Mark’s Methodist Church has been called to discuss proposals to develop land owned by R Delamore Ltd off Main Road.

The company has applied for permission to build 64 houses on the site, but there are concerns that number will more than triple over the next eight to 10 years.

Parish Councillor Angus Kraus said the worry is the site could see up to 300 homes built on it over the next decade, which he said would completely change the personality of the village and potentially make it a dormitory settlement.

The current application seeks to demolish existing nursery buildings and also the property at 27 Main Road, which Mr Kraus said dates back to 1680 along with the felling of a yew tree which dates back to a similar age.

“Although there have been attempts to get the house listed, it is not listed at the moment. It will be a terrible loss to see such an old property demolished. Having 64 new houses built over the next eight years is just about acceptable, I think the village could cope with that, but if as it is rumoured there will eventually be 300 then that is not acceptable. This development is in the heart of our conservation area,” said Mr Kraus.

Tonight’s meeting, which starts at 7pm, is open to the public and Mr Kraus hopes that as many people as possible will attend. Standing Orders will be suspended to allow the public to speak and to express their views.

“The aim is to raise as much awareness as possible and to get people’s opinions. My own opinion is this will have an enormous impact on the village and will change its character. But if the general opinion is in favour then I will support that. The parish council has until next week to get its recommendations and observations into Fenland District Council. We were not due to meet until next week but we have brought the meeting forward so we can gauge public opinion before we submit our response,” said Mr Kraus.