Homes wanted for three unfortunate cats

Animals looking for new homes.
Animals looking for new homes.
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The RSPCA is desperately trying to find new homes for three unfortunate felines – two one-eyed cats and a deaf kitten.

The RSPCA Cambridgeshire Mid East Branch hopes the public will help the three cats, who will all need very special owners.

Animals looking for new homes.

Animals looking for new homes.

However, despite their disabilities, all three felines are coping amazingly well and it is hoped that there are potential owners out there who can help to give them a second chance, which they all so desperately deserve.

Marion Lovegrove, manager at the branch said: “Every so often the branch is asked to take on the care of a cat with some kind of injury, and we do sometimes get the odd one-eyed cat.

“We actually had three one-eyed cats in at one time, which is unheard of (one has now been rehomed), and then when we were asked to take on another cat which we discovered was deaf, we realised we needed help with rehoming them and fast.

“All three cats are gorgeous and very sweet and will make amazing pets despite their injuries; we just hope that there are some kind-hearted people in Cambridgeshire who will come forward to offer them new homes.

Animals looking for new homes.

Animals looking for new homes.

“The branch will be able to offer the new owners help and advice in caring for these kitties and we would urge anyone who is considering getting a cat to consider taking on one of these first.

“It would be wonderful if we could find them new homes.”

Next is Mr Darcy, who is also two-years old and a tabby. He was found as a stray with a ruptured right eye which had to be removed. He is now making a good recovery and is ready for a new home.

Then there is Muffin who is eleven months old and tortoiseshell in colour. She also came to the branch with an injured eye, which again had to be removed. The branch said she is very friendly and playful.

And finally there is Isis who is a 16-week-old female ginger and white kitten who also happens to be deaf. She was found feeding on a bird table in a garden.

Anyone interested in offering one of these cats a new home is urged to call 01354-653164 (answerphone service) or 01487-822207 or email

Further information can also be found on the branch website at