Hopes high for record deal

The Projectionist: Rob Miller, Leigh Gray, Chris Revett and Adam Cooke
The Projectionist: Rob Miller, Leigh Gray, Chris Revett and Adam Cooke

MARCH_based metal act The Projectionist are celebrating after gaining national recognition for their recently released EP.

The hardcore metal band, comprising friends: Leigh Gray (vocals), Rob Miller (drums), Adam Cooke (bassist) and Chris Revett (vocals and guitar), have been featured in renowned music magazine Rocksound.

Leigh explained they were delighted to have gained such recognition and are hoping it could lead to a record deal.

The band, which was formed back in 2006 under the name The Darren Macer Poetry Experience, have previously been featured by Tom Ravenscroft as the Unsigned Band of the Week on his Channel 4 Radio Show in May 2008.

There was a short hiatus while band members attended university across the country but The Projectionist came together in the closing months of 2011 and soon departed from their earlier spazzcore roots in favour of a heavier, groove drenched sound - more Slipknot than Motley Crew.

Original band member Andrew March was unable to rejoin the group and Rob was recruited as drummer earlier this year.

The band soon began writing material and quickly released a series of demos via Soundcloud.com, which is where they were spotted by Rocksound, which is predicting.

The fledgling group set about recording their début EP, Meat Parade, which was released on October 1 via Bandcamp.com.

The six-track EP, which was recorded at Leigh’s home, is available for download from theprojectionist.bandcamp.com for £2, or free with a £10 Octobot shirt.