Hoping to trace cat owner

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A GRANDMOTHER has contacted the Citizen after taking an injured cat to a March veterinary surgery after it was hit by a car on Wednesday.

The Huntingdon woman, who doesn’t want to be named, is upset the driver didn’t stop and she is also concerned the owner of the cat, which sadly had to be put to sleep, might not be aware of their pet’s fate.

The young-looking fluffy ginger and white cat was hit at about 3pm in Wimblington Road.

The grandmother had gone past the Neale-Wade Community College and was at a junction heading towards the town centre when the traffic started to slow.

At first she didn’t realise the reason for the delay was because of the cat. She said she saw something which looked like a bag blowing in the wind, then realised what it was.

She said the driver didn’t stop and the grandmother, who was on her way to collect her granddaughter from school, took the injured cat to the nearby Amical vets.

“I don’t know who the cat belonged to, we knocked on a few doors,” she told the Citizen.