Hotels and guest houses reminded to get TV Licence

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and with it, the first ‘celebratory’ weekend of 2013, TV Licensing is appealing to hotels and guest houses in Fenland to make the sure they are correctly licensed.

Budget hotels, boutique B&Bs, luxury spa resorts or serviced apartments must all be covered by a valid TV Licence if guests or staff are watching TV as it’s broadcast.

For many smaller hotels and guesthouses, the cost of a TV Licence is £145.50 a year, the same amount as a private house. Hotels with more than 15 rooms are covered by one licence for the first 15 units, but will need an additional licence for every five thereafter.

Mark Whitehouse, TV Licensing spokesperson for East Anglia, said: “The Valentine’s weekend is always the first big weekend in the hospitality calendar. While some hotels will be open all year round, some smaller guest houses will be starting their season with one of the most romantic weekends of the year.

“So while front-of-house staff are ordering extra candles and dozens of red roses it’s a great time for hotel managers to get organised for the year and make sure they are correctly licensed.”

Peter Ducker, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, added: “In the UK, we’re fortunate to be able to offer our guests access to high-quality news, documentaries, dramas and films uninterrupted by advertising. Allowing small hotels and guest houses to pay the same amount for this service as a private household represents very good value for money. We urge any proprietors who are unsure of their licensing requirements to contact TV Licensing to ensure they are compliant with the law.”

Buying a licence is easy, and hoteliers can pay using BACS or electronic transfer. For more information about TV Licensing requirements for hotels and accommodation providers, call the TV Licensing businesses team on 0300 790 6124 or visit